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edius and storm 2

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  • edius and storm 2

    can anyone offer advice on upgarding my system to get the best from
    storm 2 and edius 4.51

    i would like to buy a new mb and like asus but not sure which offers the best solution for nle and what graphic card is compatible with storm 2

    also do i install the card befoe the software or visa versa as with premiere

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    Dont waste your money getting a system for Storm. It's days of being supported for Edius are numbered. A few users have not even been able to get 4.5*+ to work. Time to buy an NX.


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      Or, if you are intent upon keeping your Storm for the time being, it would probably be best to look at the compatibility list for NX high definition editing in selecting a motherboard, because you will probably eventually upgrade to and NX, and you will be good to go at that time.

      Why waste money on a motherboard, processor and memory that has no future for HD?

      So long as the motherboard has a PCI slot, or a PCI-X slot that can function as a PCI slot for the Storm, it should work.

      I delayed in upgrading to an NX, but I am very glad I did.


      #1: Iwill DK8N, 2 x 270 Opterons, 2 Gb RAM, WinXPPro-32, Edius 5.51, NX PCI-X & HDV Expansion, ProCoder 3, Imaginate 2, Sony WV-DR9, Sony EDV-9500, Sony GV-D200.
      #2: Asus P5E, Q9400, WinXPPro-32, Edius 6.07, HD Spark
      #3: Edius SP with Breakout Box, Win10, Edius 7.53


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        I agree with Dave... The next major release of EDIUS will not support storm so I would look to the NX.