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edius and storm 2

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  • GrassValley_MD
    I agree with Dave... The next major release of EDIUS will not support storm so I would look to the NX.


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  • Thor
    Or, if you are intent upon keeping your Storm for the time being, it would probably be best to look at the compatibility list for NX high definition editing in selecting a motherboard, because you will probably eventually upgrade to and NX, and you will be good to go at that time.

    Why waste money on a motherboard, processor and memory that has no future for HD?

    So long as the motherboard has a PCI slot, or a PCI-X slot that can function as a PCI slot for the Storm, it should work.

    I delayed in upgrading to an NX, but I am very glad I did.

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  • DigitalDave
    Dont waste your money getting a system for Storm. It's days of being supported for Edius are numbered. A few users have not even been able to get 4.5*+ to work. Time to buy an NX.

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  • foundy
    started a topic edius and storm 2

    edius and storm 2

    can anyone offer advice on upgarding my system to get the best from
    storm 2 and edius 4.51

    i would like to buy a new mb and like asus but not sure which offers the best solution for nle and what graphic card is compatible with storm 2

    also do i install the card befoe the software or visa versa as with premiere