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No analog capture with dvx bay

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  • No analog capture with dvx bay

    I have dvx board with the bay(analog input) , i connect everything
    as in manual but when its time to capture from edius 4.6 there is
    no analog input on input settings. Is there a drivers or something
    to make bay works.(the analog output from bay works).
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    Be sure you select the DVX Bay (and either composite or S-video) as your input device in the "Capture" menu at the top of the EDIUS interface in EDIUS 4.x. If you're using an older version of EDIUS, You'll click on the blank gray bar that sits above the Player/Recorder window to select your input source. I'm not 100% sure that it works that way with the DVX, but it does with the Storm and NX, so it should be similar (or identical!) with the DVX.

    Anyone who knows otherwise, please feel free to correct me on this one.


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      Only dvx-E1 DV

      There is only DVX-E1 DV in the input settings, and the generic OHCI
      no DVX s-video , composite input and everything is connected.
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        Please verify that:
        1) You are in a DVX-E1 project setting
        2) When you installed EDIUS 4.6, the "Canopus DV Driver" installation box was checked (enabled)


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          My project is in a DVX-E1 and i have installed EDIUS 4.6 with drivers.
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            This is normal...dvx bay works like a separate analog to dv converter connected in the dv-input of your dvx board
            There is a small baton in front of dvx bay that lets you choose the input (dv, s-video, composite)
            Choose the appropriate input and then select DVx-E1 DV input
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