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  • sync problem

    I've got a weird sync problem that I'm hoping somebody can help me with. This happened to me one other time a few months back but hasn't happened again until now. I'm hoping I've just mistakenly hit a key/button that I can quickly reset. Here's the scenario... I'm editing to a piece of music where I need cuts to occur at specific beats. If I start playback a couple of seconds before the cut I'm looking at, it plays in sync. If I go back 10 seconds or so, it then plays out of sync and the cut occurs before it's supposed to ahead of the beat of the music. It's really strange...

    Like I say, I'm hoping I've just accidently changed a setting that makes it out-of-sync. Any ideas? I'm using Edius 3.62 if that matters at all. I'm using external Seagate drives and checked and it's not the same drive as before. Thanks!!


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    Well, I seem to have solved the problem. The audio clip I was using was an mp3 vbr clip. I converted to a wav file and the sync issue seems to have disappeared. Make any sense to anyone...?


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      Yes... we've all been there.

      .mp3 requires extra CPU ticks... thus the lag.
      .wav is uncompressed.
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        Is it just mp3's that have been encoded variable bit rate...? I've used mp3's many times in the past and have never had a problem. I think the audio track I had a problem with last time was a vbr encode as well - though can't remember for sure.


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          VBR is much more likely to cause problems.