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workflow EDIUS - Herogglyph - DVD Architect for subtiteling

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  • workflow EDIUS - Herogglyph - DVD Architect for subtiteling


    I edit with EDIUS 4.52, I have Heroglyph 2.5 and Sony DVD Architect 4.0

    I wanna create a DVD, with my own movie on and several subtitles in several languages. In the final DVD the viewer should be possible to switch between the subtitles even while watching.

    There is a Heroglyph plug-in for EDIUS.

    1) Would you recommend to make the subtitles with Heroglyph and then to put them into the EDIUS-Timeline? OR should I make a subtitle "stream" in Heroglyph?

    2) How do I get the subtitles from EDIUS or Heroglyph into DVD Architect (here it is possible to import subtitles, but only from a text document. Then I have to arrange/create the subtitles myself)

    To make it short: how can I get a clever workflow with these three programms?


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    I THINK ProDAD would be a better source for info.

    But hopefully someone here will know.
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      If you want switchable subtitles, then eventually the subtitled (isolated) will need to be made streams in the authoring software.

      If you do it in EDIUS and export the video with subtitles on it, then they're no longer subtitles and are "burned" into the video. This would require that you have a separate video asset for each language - it's a tremendous waste of space.

      The first thing to check is what format(s) DVD Architect will take for subtitle streams. The subtitle stream on a DVD is just a 4-color graphic stream like menus.