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Edius 4.5 error + volume issue

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  • Edius 4.5 error + volume issue

    This seems too trivial but I can NOT find any reference how to do this:

    I recorded in stereo.. two wireless mikes on speakers. The balance is way off, one channel much louder than the other on the track I captured. I find multiple ways to adjust the overall volume with audio mixer, vol rubberband. But I can't get to any control that lets me alter just the left or right volume? This also leaves me confused why when I extend a track, select vol (versus PAN) on a track with stereo, I get only one line (rubberband) ) ...

    Thanks to anyone...

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    If you conh't have your audio mapped to certain tracks, the best way to do this is to put the same audio on two different Aduio tracks. Rt CLK select Properties adn then gointot he audio properties and select Mono 1 for one of the tracks and mono 2 for the other track. You can then adjust them individually to get the control you want.


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      I would make sure that you set the audio handling to "Edius 3 Compatible" in the application settings. That will give you the channel volume mapping you expect.


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        Did you try the suggestions provided in your original question thread?

        It appears to be an audio mapping issue. As long as you map the L and R audio channels as suggested, you should be able to do what you're looking to do. I wouldn't pursue this particular issue in this thread as the mods generally frown upon multiple, simultaneous posts by the same user for the same issue.


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          Don't know about the second one, but for adjusting volume of the two channels independently, if you want to do a global (entire clip) volume change to one channel, add the Pan Pot & Balance audio filter.

          If you need to make node-based adjustments (or want to use the audio mixer), just duplicate the audio to another audio track, then right-click one clip and Mono 1 it, then right-click the other clip and Mono 2 it.

          You can also have this done automatically by setting audio tracks to Monoaural 1 and Monoaural 2 (on another track) before you drag the audio clip in.


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            I think K has a nice document on audio mapping. :)

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            when done there download

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