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EDIUS with EMU 1212m

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  • EDIUS with EMU 1212m

    Does anyone have experience using soundcards with edius?
    My emu 1212m when installed makes edius timeline sound/video stutter.
    If I switch to the onboard sound everything is all right.
    Are they incompatible?
    What am I doing wrong?

    Dell 490,Dual Dual Xeon 5150 2.66Ghz, 4Gb Ram, Emu 1212m in pci-x slot
    Windows XPPro (SP2), Edius Broadcast 4

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    Is it a PCI, PCIe, or USB sound device?


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      It's PCI but works on PCI-x as well.


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        Are you using a hardware EDIUS board, or just software? If you're using a hardware board it might be worth changing slots in case there's a resource conflict.


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          Just software at the moment.

          I had a thought. The Emu card has a built in 1394 connector. Could this cause a conflict?

          I forgot to mention, I have a dvraptor rt2 in a PCI slot for DV capture.
          Not the best configuration I know .... is it worth throwing it out and getting a plain OHCI card?


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            I'm wondering if you're having some kind of bus bandwidth problem. Try pulling out the DVRaptor-RT for now, and try running in OHCI mode. The built-in 1394 connector on the Emu card shouldn't cause issue, but then again, this all should work as-is, and obviously isn't, so anything's possible.


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              I'l try this and report back.

              Just as a point of interest. I had exactly the same problem with my old computer that I got rid of thinking it was just a cpu speed problem.
              It obviously isn't!

              I'd like to keep the EMU card in the machine for the sound processing I do on other projects.

              1 more question. The Dvraptor RT2 only gives me access to DV 50i and 60i.
              In the long run, is it therefore useless for anything HDV and is it therefore worth getting rid? What advantages (if any) does it have over an ohci card?


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                Realtime DV output is handled by the board, and not the CPU (OHCI setup), so it essentially "feels" more responsive when editing and viewing playback. (which you also gain - output to an analog monitor)


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                  Removed dvraptor card. Re-installed emu.

                  Audio and Video stutter returned!!!!!!

                  Seems that the emu has something to do with it. How does edius talk to

                  Could it be a driver issue?


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                    Problem solved!!!!!!!!!

                    Updated to version 4.6!

                    Smooth as silk!

                    Sorry for the dumb questions from a novice!

                    Thanks for your support.