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Reloaded Edius and now I have problems

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  • Reloaded Edius and now I have problems

    I just purchased CS3 Master Suite and wanted to load it on my machine. I thought that this would be a good time to whipe the C drive and reload everything (including Edius).

    After loading CS3 and Edius and updating everything I ran into a problem.

    I wanted to load a Tiff image into Edius - I But Edius no longer recognizes Tiffs. It won't accept Photoshop files and in fact it won't accept many of the file types it did before the reload. When I his show all and try to select TIFF images or Psd files it gives me and error and says it will not except those files.

    Edius doesn't seem to recognize them - so I can't add them to my bin window.

    I am using Eduius 4.6

    On my second machine everything works fine. I can add all of those files into my bin.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Mat Cain

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    Download and run the latest QuickTime installer.