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Edius 4.5*-4.6 Crashes on my Storm System

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  • DigitalDave
    I gave up with my Storm also in a Tyan Board. It is a known issue. Like you I tried a fresh XP install. KH offered a lot of help but I have had my moneys worth out of the system and a new NXe was about the charge for 2 days editing. Throw in that when 5 arrives it has beeen suggested it might not support Storm....but yes it would still be good to get a fix.


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  • SaullyG
    started a topic Edius 4.5*-4.6 Crashes on my Storm System

    Edius 4.5*-4.6 Crashes on my Storm System

    Not having any luck getting any version of Edius 4.5 & ubove
    to work on my computer without crashing at the preferences
    window. Every version prior has worked flawless before 4.5.
    I read some posts regarding this issue when 4.54 was released
    but I don't know if the problem was ever addressed. This is after
    even installing a fresh install of Windows XP SP2. Today I even
    downloaded the Trial Version & that also crashes when the
    preference screen opens.

    Here are my system specs:

    Tyan Thunder K MOBO
    Athlon MP 1500 Dual Processors
    Radeon X700 256MB AGP Video Card
    2 GB PC2100 Ram
    DV Storm 2
    Windows XP SP2
    Turtle Beach Sound card
    CompUSA Combo USB2/Firewire PCI Card

    I am sure this has to be a hardware related problem as I installed
    Edius with & without the DV Storm Drivers.

    Thanx all,

    Saully G.