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Animating Still images

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  • Animating Still images

    Check out my video at

    All my images are fade ups.

    Any easy way to make them move or animate them. I know I can use effects. But I just want them to PAN slowly to the left or the right or shrink to a corner.

    This is can be done using keyframes in after effects... sort of like a Ken Burns effect.
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    one word...Imaginate
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      Originally posted by Tobe
      one word...Imaginate
      D/L demo....nice. But....

      I can't animate the Pictures at the scale that I have them in the Video

      I want to just move them to the left and the right without Zooming all the way in which Imaginate does so well. Just want to leave them.

      Basically I want to move a still image in Edius not in Imaginate.... Movement like a Ken Burns effect But not the Zoomed in fading just the Motion. Cracking open Manual.

      Ahhhh 3D picture in Picture....
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      Edius 4.6 Broadcast, FCP Studio, MacPro 8 Core, (Currently using 8800GT) ATI 2600


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        There are several threads here on the subject. If you want to stay in Edius you can do it with the 3D PIP. But if you have hi rez stills they will be down converted to the project settings. If you use Imaginate (and you can do what you want and lots more in it) you will maintain the resolution of the photos.


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          Hi Majormauser.
          your flash video is looking good.
          What software did you use to create the flash video?