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First Time Use of Edius...WOW!

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  • First Time Use of Edius...WOW!

    Some of the forum members previously advised me that Edius is a great program. They weren’t kidding!

    It only took me a few minutes to learn to do basic editing, exporting, etc.!

    I used a third party program, Cinecap, and the NX hardware for frame-by-frame telecine capture with the Canopus Lossless codec.

    In the captured file on the timeline, I adjusted the speed, edited, made color-constrast corrections, and exported (printed) it to a new file.

    In adjusting the 18 fps footage to normal playback (60% speed) I was delighted to see something in Edius I had never seen before in speed processing using Cinecap or Premiere.

    In Edius, each frame was actually different from the previous frame. Premiere (6.02) used a method of interlacing that created sporadic inter-frames; i.e., one or perhaps two identical successive original frames, separated by an interlaced frame.

    Edius provides a much smoother speed adjustment and is more visually appealing.

    All I can say is, Wow!


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    Welcome to the club!


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      Well my first experience today with Edius Pro 4.52 was great.
      Never saw something that fast!!!

      Surprisingly there isn't any 1920x1080 25p support so I can't switch from Liquid...

      regards Dennis


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        I just switched to Edius from Vegas, myself.
        The concept that there are Grass Valley support people here is TOTALLY a new experience after Sony vegas.
        My problems with Edius, so far, have been because I'm down on the learning curve, but, help was on me pretty fast.
        These guys must be overloaded, so, I thought I'd say how much I appreciate them being here...
        thanx GRASSVALLEY_KH, GRASSVALLEY_MD, and SRsupport
        Chalchihuitl Productions
        Sony EX1-Canon 7D DSLR-Flash XDR
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          You're welcome, though technically I'm in marketing, KH is in Marcom, MD is in (technical) sales, and CP is in sales... There are some guys from support who pop in here when they can too, but it's not a formal part of their job.

          Hence my sig... everyone who comes here tends to be supportive - employee and user alike, but if you have a real problem that needs GV support, then you should contact GV support directly. Otherwise it's like asking your neighbors to help put our your house fire while you go post on the fire department's website. :)

          @Thor - You better get something nice for your wife. :D


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            I have pretty much all the major players in NLEs Adobe,Vegas,Avid, FCP and everytime I try to change for one reason or another I keep coming back to Edius. Its just so smooth and fast.

            Asus sabertooth MB Z97 16 gigs of ram SSD system and edit drives Nvidia GTX-660 video card


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              Originally posted by rando View Post
              I have pretty much all the major players in NLEs Adobe,Vegas,Avid, FCP and everytime I try to change for one reason or another I keep coming back to Edius. Its just so smooth and fast.

              I'm pretty much in the same boat. I own a lot of NLE's. Since GV stepped up to the plate (and did a great job updating and working out the bugs) I love this program and its capabilities. There are some features I would like to see of course, but I am very pleased where Edius is headed. I love the GUI and the layout, I think it is the best out there right now. Yes I own Avid Media Composer and I like Edius better. Thanks Grass Valley you really came through. Lets just say I wasn't a fan a little over a year ago.... Now I am a really big fan. Well done GV. What a difference a year makes.

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