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  • Saving the Project

    I'm a new Edius user following along with Mike's new Edius 4.5 training DVD. I have the applic setting set to automatically save the project every 1 minute, as recommended. I was working on a project for about 15 minutes and got a message that Edius "has encountered a problem and needs to close". When I reopened the project, nothing had been saved. Any idea why?

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    Did you get the popup that asked you to to reopen a saved file? If not, shut down EDIUS now, go into your "AutoSave" folder in your projects directory and then go into details view, sort by date, and pick the latest one (during/before the crash happened by time, and by the biggest size). Open it, then save as to a new file.

    Change your autosave to 3-5 mins, 1 min is too soon. I do CTRL+S after a few cuts, I guess it became a habit.


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      BTW when starting editing on New project you have to press ctr+s once.
      Then the auto save kick in

      My workflow.
      Every project I start or open first thing is press cr + s and then I never worry about it untill I close it .

      When a crash happens it comes back nicely because auto save did the work.
      Btw did you ignore the restore message at startup.
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        Also once you open an auto save file, save it as a different name and then go from there.