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Intel core 2 or quad

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    Originally posted by vienna1944er View Post
    maybe, my english to bad, to understood complette,.... if it is so. please excuse my.....

    Brandon + gdame ... your link goes to: Maximum Digital Resolutions 1280 x 1024 are sure, Cathryn edit his 6 streams of HDV HDV on small 19" ???

    friendly greetings from europe\austria\vienna .....old Hans
    PS: I love my both old 2405 ...for SD...
    Good catch Hans!

    Check this one out

    This is the one I just ordered for a build coming up.

    Thanks again that was a good catch on the PS2 model.
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      6 streams in realtime O yes from a 2tb raid 0 4 X SATA 2 SEAGATE DRIVES on a rocket raid 2310 controller on pcie slot.

      Of course this is not constant 6 streams 3D pip x 3 + Pip + Base stream 3 audio several titles I dont do work that often to tax this system..........!! its nice to be editing smoothly again thats for sure!

      GREAT KVM SWITCHES BOYS!! that will do nicely I can get shut of a desk now!!

      Cath - Now just that STORM Hehem GLITCH..............;-)
      Asus P5K64WS, Intel Core 2 Quad QX6850 Extreme CPU, Saphire HD 3850 512mb graphics, WDraptor160 OS, Highpoint Rocket raid 2310 4 x 500gig Seagate sata 2 se drives in raid 0, NXe and Edius 5.51 Imaginate 2.
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