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XplodeProf 4.60 is on the server...

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  • XplodeProf 4.60 is on the server...

    Xplode Professional 4.60 for EDIUS v4 Software

    Released: 10/30/2007
    Size: 408MB

    Fixed issues when using the 3D Object Wipe transition

    for remember, or as info for Edius novices:

    Xpolde Pro is not working with HD. It is a discontinued product and they placed it on the site free for those working with SD.
    There is no plan to update it. Sorry about that. ....Mike
    Forum Co-Administrator / Grass Valley TSS
    Xplode is what it is from this point forward, Free for SD and not used for HD.
    George Dame ...Grass Valley / Canopus System Integrator - 10 Years
    Xplode for EDIUS should work.
    Xplode Professional, on the other hand is "as-is"
    We're doing what we can (from the planning stages) to de-confuse things. It's just as painful for us (me, Kenneally, Mike Downey and related crew) as it is for our users most of the time.
    GrassValley_BH---- Brandon ...Location: San Jose, CA
    The team that created Xplode has been gone for years now. It has been discontinued.
    New Cards come out and because the development cycle is over nothing is done to tweek the code. ...There is not a whole lot more to say! :)
    Forum Co-Administrator / Grass Valley TSS
    friendly greetings from the "inhouse-librarian" ....... old Hans
    Edius 5,51 / Edius 6.08 / Edius 6.54(b) / Neo 3.0 / Neo 3.5

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    Never Say Never! HA
    Edius 4.6 Broadcast, FCP Studio, MacPro 8 Core, (Currently using 8800GT) ATI 2600