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How Do I Do Slow Mo With JVC GY 201

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  • How Do I Do Slow Mo With JVC GY 201

    Hi Guys,

    I cannot get any answers from JVC Australia, or Grass Valley Australia on how to do slow mo with the JVC GY201 HD Camera.
    I shoot at 30P onto my hard-disk recorder as an M2T file, bring it into Edius using a 25P workspace, and have tried re-interpreting the footage as a different frame rate, but it continues to play the same.
    Change the speed, and it's no where near as smooth as previous versions of Edius. Please help!!

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    Shoot at 60p, and slow it down to by 50% it will look better...


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      Hi Storm Dave.
      I've tried that too, but that does not change the speed for some strange reason. The length of the clip increases in length, but the playback speed remains the same. It only does this when the footage is shot in 60p.
      Should I perhaps be putting the footage into some other program and telling it to separate the feilds into frames, and recombine so I have true 60 frames per second footage? If so, how is this done. I've read about it in DV magazine, but there were no clear instructions on how to do it, or what to use.


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        Hmm that's weird. Try going into the clips properties and change the frame rate to 30, see how it looks.


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          Yeah, be wary of 29.97 progressive vs 30 progressive.

          You mentioned a quality difference between EDIUS versions - which two versions?