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    i have a little problem with viewing and editing avchd file it seems to stop playback after 9 frames to fix it i have to rendering the avchd file in time line but this is a pain in the *** , i was understanding that 4.5 onwards would let you edit in native format ie avchd, i think grass valley should not advertise there system to edit and preview in avchd if it dosn't do it, i know you can convert it to with converter 3 i have done that in the past but as i stated i want to keep it in native format, now sony vegas dose but it is a **** editing system ,, to cluncky , pinacle dose to but never show effects properly and also cluncky so at this stage i am not to happy even though edius is a good editing system

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    AVCHD is just so very compressed that it will struggle on even the most powerfull of machines. EDIUS does work natively but you need a super computer. Vegas works much better but it does not provide full frame preview.
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      me again

      i know my machine handles avchd ,, i have been using pinicale 11 which gave me preview a large screen that the software provides and with pinicale it would finalise the project in any format even avchd ,, but if it wasnt such a crap system i wouldn't be looking for another ,, and if i want to spend $2000 on a mac i would be using final cut pro. i dont think 1 should advertise that there software dose one thing and it dosen't provide it

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        me again

        one thing i should add is that 4.6 when it stops when trying to preview avchd it like when you set up a effect on the time line and you need to render it before you can see it ,, it seems to me 4.6 picks up avchd as a effect not a media file ?????? am i right in thinking this or is there a another reason for it???