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  • tingsern
    Why would you want uncompressed HD for? I found Canopus HQ good enough ... can't tell the difference between HQ and uncompressed HD - even on broadcast monitors.

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  • antonsvideo
    uncompressed HD will work best if you connect 4 SCSI hard disks 10000 or 15000rpm and stripe them as Raid0

    the PC itself does not have much work to do since uncompressed is easy on processors but hard on hard disks

    however, processor speed will come into play when rendering or exporting to DVD etc, so the faster the better

    I am not familiar with the Dell or HP, I roll my own based on Supermicro server boards

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  • shahzadraja
    Guest started a topic advice on workstation

    advice on workstation

    Anyone using a edius 4.5 with NX Card on a dell precision 690 dual quad core machine.

    ANy one using edius NX plus edius 4.5 on the core 2 quad 2.4Ghz HP XW 4600 workstation how does it perform.

    Also any one using the AJA LSE Or LHE cards on any of these machines.

    Can anyone advice me on a good workstation to use edius NX with edius 4.5 to do uncompressed HD - i know ill have to capture using a thrid party card i also have the premiere cs3 production suite.

    I know blackmagic design cards do not work with dell machines.

    Any help would be appreciated i am desperately in need of advice to buy a new workstation.

    I currently have the HP XW 4400 with edius and premiere cs3


    SK Raja