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  • Transitions

    I am trying to edit something ... mind you I'm still fairly new to Edius I mostly use adobe cs3. I like the look and feel of Edius but one thing i cant seem to do. I want to have a clip transition out. Like the iris closing for example. However, Edius will not allow me to end a clip with a transition. Also when I have multiple layers of video say if i have background footage going on the lower layer and i have foreground footage going on the upper layer if i place a transition on the upper layer it affects the lower layer.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    I am a little confused, but first you should be able to put a transition on the end of a clip. The transition should go in the keyer track. However one of the limitations is that only one effect can go into the track. That means if you have a 3D PIP on the clip you cannnot also add a transition to it. But you can expand the keyer track and simply use the rubberband, and drag it down to give a fade.

    I am not understanding your 2 track problems. The very nature of a transition is that it effects 2 clips if they are there. If you dissolve from one clip, it has to dissolve to something. In Edius' case, it will dissolve to whatever the next clip below it is. I you can explain further, I am sure we can get you going.