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Anyone else editing with incomplete software packages (Aurora and Edius)?

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  • Anyone else editing with incomplete software packages (Aurora and Edius)?

    I edit at the ABC affiliate in denver. We went from tape to grass valley server based system in January of 2007. Immediately in the installation process and training at that time there were obvious and acknowledged problems with incomplete software editing applications.

    The trainer that was sent began the process by guiding us through basic application, injest and timeline editing, but the recurrent theme through the whole process (he sounded like a broken record) was that there was basic non-linear editing applications that were left out of the version that we were using when they wrote the software programing (for both Aurora and Edius).

    His catch phrase was "you could do that in the old version, but when they wrote this version for some reason they left that out, we're working on fixing that so we can get you upgraded"

    Most notably we cannot edit staright to the timeline from tape (all media has to be injested in a bin before it can go to the timeline), and when you undo an edit or step, the system removes the edit but does not restore to the prior in point or mark ins or out. The marker will stay at the position it ended at with the edit just made (very frustrating because if you don't pay attention closely you can blow out more of your sequence further down without knowing or end up editing something with a bunch of black at the beginning)

    There's a laundry list of other things we came up with but those are the most obvious. The installers and trainer swore to us up and down that the company was working on fixing the problems so we could get an upgrade and everything would be fine. We were told to make a list of things we discovered to be fixed or addressed, and to this day nothing has happened. We feel we basically got a bunch of lip service so they could get out of town without a bunch of flack.

    It's been more than a year and nothing has changed, we're still working around the same problems we started with day one.

    I'm not new to non-linear, I've been using Avid for ten years, and at the beginning of that time I used a server based avid system.

    I was doing more with that avid server based system ten years ago than I can do now with this grass valley application. I know that sounds unlikely but I'm talking about basic non-linear user application functions that i know every system out there is based on.

    Another problem we encountered is that there's no security protocols for safe guarding media in the master server; rediculous. There's NO administrator login required or password protection to access the server through any local desk top and do any "housekeeping". We've had problems with things being deleted, in fact anyone can go in through a local drive and access the shared server and delete the entire system (one click).

    If anyone else has dealt with similar experiences we'd like to know. Aside from apparently getting the run around from grass valley, we can't get a straight answer from our management about what they're doing to pursue grass valley to get things fixed. We keep hearing about an "upgrade", but day after day ticks by, like i said it's been more than a year now.

    If there are others in similar situations we're thinking of trying to start a "grass" roots effort (so to speak) to try and get some kind of action out of GV.

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    what version of Edius are you using?

    I am a heavy user and I edit at the speed of light with no problems worth throwing up over, using version 4.6 broadcast
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      First of all, exactly what software versions and systems are you running?
      Secondly, who's your sales rep?


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        It's Aurora 6.0 and Edius 4.13, like i said we were told this was a new application and the trainer even admitted to me we were beta testing the product, i then went to management and asked them if they were aware of that fact and i was told 'YES'. Sad situation


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          I think the software packages need to be updated.
          For both if I am not mistaken there are updates.
          Edius is at 4.6 now.

          Maybe they forgot to keep you posted on the updates.
          Can you tell me what canopus system Edius runs on?
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            Not to sure, I'm not the tech type. There's 4 different canopus plug ins listed in the versions option under the help drop down in the menu bar that range from 1.2 to 2.0. Odd thing is we have the same user application problems on both the Aurora and the Edius (two different apps).

            I don't think they've forgot about us because i know our chief photog and engineers have been in contact with them periodically for help with server issues.

            At one time last year they did come back to upgrade the server and add more storage space and speed things up a bit, but we've just gotten no love with the editing applications.

            We find it hard to believe that a software company would just leave a client out to dry like this, unless there's something seriously not right with their product that they haven't been able to diagnose. That's why were hoping to find some other people in the same boat so we can maybe move together to get our voices heard.

            Consequently i've encouraged all associates in the business to run the other if they ever hear of GV :-(.


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              So what, Grass Valley have to come over and install the updates for you?
              Maybe there's some details that makes you guys different over there, in this "everyone for themselves world" we would download the latest version and then do the complaining.
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                <<all media has to be injested in a bin before it can go to the timeline>>

                Do you mean "imported" into the bin - injested??? Yes, simple and easy to do. You can edit off the timeline after importing your file into the project.

                <<Not to sure, I'm not the tech type. >>

                This forum has a wealth of resources and people willing to help you understand the technology. Search your topic for solutions.

                <<Consequently i've encouraged all associates in the business to run the other if they ever hear of GV :-(. >>

                Most of us here want to help fellow users. Many work with Edius and make a living with it because of stability, speed, and function. We upgrade our products (it's pretty simple usually) when further functionality enhances our workflow.

                Good luck.


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                  More questions...

                  Who was the trainer? Doesn't sound like they were very... positive...
                  Aurora Edit and EDIUS are very different applications (with very different goals), so if you're experiencing the "same user problems" between the two, then something's wrong in the setup or there's a misunderstanding in the features/capabilities.

                  Have you opened a service ticket with regard to your issues and request for updated software?

                  Do you have a SLA in place? If so, make sure you use its procedures rather than the standard support procedures.

                  At least in EDIUS, if your connected deck is controllable (analog with RS-422, SDI, DV or HDV) you can mark in/out and insert/assemble to the timeline and it'll go and capture the footage and drop it into the timeline in one step. It's worked this way since EDIUS v3.


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                    I should just add, that I'd prefer that any GV rep names be communicated privately.

                    I.e. Please PM either Brandon or myself with information regarding your sales account/rep.


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                      I've been using EDIUS for a long time, never has there been a show stopper for me...I always found work arounds, but the OP doesn't seem to know the way that EDIUS's somewhat different than other NLE's. Maybe the they need to be trained again, I don't know.

                      As far as Avid being better...yes, in some departments...but EDIUS beats it hands down in the mixed format and easiness department all around. The station needs to update to at least 4.54 (Stable release).

                      EDIUS is a gold mine for news networks...The Editors need to be trained well. If you know Premiere for example from head to toe, EDIUS is not that different.
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                        Not to hammer anyone it seems the poster has been through alot of frustration which should have been handled by his/her engineering department. I am a EIC for a station here on the east coast and I have to say If you dont like dealing with GVG just try AVID whoa! Avid would have charged you for posting here. Im sure now that the right folks have heard your cry you will get some help.oh as far as your security issue goes we have to have our Avids wide open too they dont function properly with logins and security restrictions. yes and our editors are always deleting each others footage:)

                        Good Luck

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                          I'm closing this thread down. We are in the process of investigating the issues and working out what's gone wrong.

                          The specific technical issues are open for discussion in a new, separate thread, but we'll leave the corporate mudslinging/cheerleading out please.