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nx vs nx express

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    Which Supermicro MOBO


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      No, I am sorry.
      I have a TYAN s2676.


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        Originally posted by STORMDAVE View Post
        They are still selling NX HDV output boards in PCI form, I believe...if you have a recent computer with at least 2 PCIe slots (not counting the graphics card slot) then go with the NX Express. The NX Bay is option by the way.
        Yes, you can still buy the older PCI-X NX Mainboard with the PCI daughter card. We sell it in North America through our web store, as well as through any authorized reseller. We're working to bring the price down and re-release a bundle with the mainboard and daughter card together since it seemed to mysteriously disappear about 18 months ago. The fine folks in Kobe should be able to offer a bundle of the older NX hardware configuration sometime soon.

        However, I agree with most of the other comments--get a newer, faster computer and spring for the EDIUS NX Express. The benefits with EDIUS software from a more powerful computer are numerous and well documented.