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  • iso 4.6

    I recently did a clean install of the operating system because I was having trouble with TitleMotion Pro hanging and we could not figure out what was causing the hang. I am guessing there is something wrong with the upgrade file and the iso file.

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    Worked for me and others too...I think the problem occurs in different machines, since there are literally thousands of setups out there.

    If you get the "expired" popup, try the front USB ports since it is probably using a different BUS.


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      If this helps, I found out that some fonts (added after a clean install OS + Edius) are causing TMPpro to hang.

      I wrote s simple text in TMPro then I browsed the fonts, one by one.This is how I managed to find the naughty one that was giving me headaches.


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        Maybe you can post the font name? I could help others.
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          This was happening last year.I don't recall exactly.
          Whant I do remember is that I imported the fonts from "c:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Resource\Font\".
          After fixing the problem, I did a font backup so the only way I can help is to point out a list of fonts from my edit machine where I upgraded every time without problems and still running fine.