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  • Dealing with iso files

    This is a great utiltiy to unzip regular files or to use on iso files so you don't need to burn to a dvd, and it's free
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    Another (free) utility is IMGBurn
    Let's you burn to DVD.

    Another (free) utility is Daemon Tools.
    Let's you mount the ISO without the need to extract it. I use it alot to test DVD ISO's that I make out of Encore before I burn them.

    Good thread Pat.


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      Daemon Tools may cause problems with some software because Daemon Tools is frequently used by gamers to mount ISO images of cracked games. Many copy protection technologies specifically look for Daemon Tools and will refuse to launch the program they are protecting.

      A less risky and free solution is to use Microsoft's Virtual CD Control Panel. This is what I used last night to mount the ISO, extract the Edius V4.6 files, and combine them with things like the Procoder V3.05 update, SoundSoap 2.1.1, QuickTime 7.4.1 etc. on one physical DVD.


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        Ahh well I have never came upon such a problem and I don't play PC games on my workstations, so...As long as it works :)