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  • EDIUS v4.6 Full DVD Disc Image aviable...

    Source: (maybe a bit hidden... it is added to the old topic, without new topic name) EDIUS v4.6 Update Now Available

    EDIUS Software v4 v4.6 Full DVD Disc Image

    Filename: EDIUS4_v46_full.iso
    Released: 02/04/2008
    Size: 2.01GB

    This EDIUS v4.6 DVD disc image contains all the files necessary to fully install the software on a new system. You will need your EDIUS v4.x software installation serial number and hardware dongle to install the software included in the disc image. This image includes both EDIUS Pro and EDIUS Broadcast software. TitleMotion Pro for EDIUS software is not included in this disc image.

    Note: This is a very large file download (2GB). It is not recommended that you download this file if you are using a dialup internet connection, or are otherwise restriced with your Internet usage. In these cases, you should download the separate EDIUS v4.6 update instead, and upgrade an existing installation of EDIUS v4.54 or earlier.

    Important Note: This disc image is intended to be for personal use only. Any unauthorized duplication, redistribution and/or resale of the software contained within the disc image, in part or whole, is a direct violation of the software's End User License Agreement.

    Supported Hardware:

    IEEE 1394 FireWire controllers
    DVRaptor RT2 Series
    DVStorm Series
    ADVC1394, ACEDVio
    EDIUS DVX / DVStorm XA
    EDIUS NX Series
    EDIUS SP Series
    EDIUS RX-E1 (SDI-based hardware)
    EDIUS Turnkey Systems

    Download EDIUS4_v46_full.iso to your local hard disk drive
    Burn the EDIUS4_v46_full.iso disc image to a blank DVD-/+R disc, using any compatible DVD burning software that supports authoring of ISO images
    After the authoring is complete, reinsert the new disc or run Setup.exe directly from within the DVD drive's folder
    When installing the EDIUS software, use the installation serial number provided with your original copy of EDIUS v4.x

    friendly greetings from the "inhouse-librarian" ....... old Hans
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    where is the file?

    I could not find any download file, there is only a .sfv file and it dont link anywhere, will you upload it? or how can I get


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      Originally posted by compounder
      I could not find any download file, there is only a .sfv file and it dont link anywhere, will you upload it? or how can I get
      You need to have registered your copy of Edius 4.xx on the Canopus site.
      Then you will see the link in the 'Product-related Downloads' section.


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        To download this update, log into the Web site and choose Product-related Downloads. From there, you should see either 'EDIUS Pro v4' or 'EDIUS Broadcast v4' from the list, depending on which program you registered. Choose the appropriate product.

        Scroll down to the 'Updates' section and the v4.6 update will be there.
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