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NXe setup questions.

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  • NXe setup questions.

    I'm coming from a Storm with Bay to a new system with NXe and Bay

    1 Firewire - I think unlike Storm that the NXe 4 pin firewire will give NX Firewire to both the back and to Bay (on my Storm I use a Hub). If I have understood it correctly the Main board links to the MPEG board and the MPEG board from its second 4pin goes to the Bay.
    So why is the 6pin there when the book says not to use it?

    2 Audio - on Storm we externally looped the audio from the Storm to the soundcard (or the other way round - the caffeine hasnt kicked in yet).
    I like the convenience of a Creative Audigy Front Panel which has Headphones plugged in with 1/4" Jack. It seems the NX is connected internally to the MB sound. Would appreciate some advice on this:-
    How can I get a headphone output from the convenience of the front panel?
    If NX is connected to the MB would I be correct in thinking there would be no output from an Audigy or similar?
    Would the same connectors be present on the Audigy main board as the MB?
    Any other alternatives giving the convenience of a Front panel?


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    Been a little while since I sep up my nxe replacement for my storm, so...

    Do you have it yet?

    I can't see my board without moving a lot of things, so looked in the manual and can't find reference to a 6 pin firewire connector, only a different 6 pin connector which is something else, connecting the two boards together.

    As for the audio, I connected mine to the audigy card ok.

    I have both front bays for nx and audigy as well.

    Let me know if I can be of more help to you, for a change :)

    Microsoft MVP in Digital Media

    Edius 4.61, NX Express, xp sp2


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      Hi Graham
      Yes, I have it here courtesy of a "very nice man" with a very big - % button!!
      Maybe you have the earlier version? This is the NX express PCIe version. I am not even sure what this board does yet.

      The 6 Pin 1394 Firewire is on the back of 2nd Card (MPEG Engine Board) which has the Component out on it.

      So you were able to connect the NX board directly to the Audigy. That is good news.




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        Oh, you mean on the outside!
        I thought you meant an internal connection.

        I have the pcie with firecoder board as well.
        I wish I had a nice man with a -% button :( ............. In which case you can help yourself :)

        Microsoft MVP in Digital Media

        Edius 4.61, NX Express, xp sp2