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Disc Too Slow Error - Not Enough RAM?

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    It hasn't snowed for over a month in most parts, luckily it has started and some fell yesterday and more is due over the weekend, which I intend to film and edit in Edius so long as I don't get the error message :-0
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      No, the error is not a result of the RAID controller. The error is a result of PCI bus starvation.. similar to the "frame dropped, disk error" message during playback in older DVStorm system. The v4.54 or later requires a certain amount of bandwidth but your chipset could not deliver.. and that results in "disk too slow". You can say that it is a "bug" or maybe a case of moving the software forward to get more realtime out of the faster multicore CPU's system that we have now.

      FYI, If you build your system using the new Intel X38 chipset (ASUS mobo), you can install the OS in either AHCI or RAID mode, and "disk too slow" is not an issue, at least for me. The new NX system I built has gone through 2 days of non-stop capturing from S-video and firewire, and not one error.

      Originally posted by mike0130 View Post
      This error has nothing to do with Segate. I had it on Western Digital RAID. This error is a resault of RAID controller that conflicts with new overlay. You can go back to ver4.0 or so and you will not see this error or switch from RAID to single disk for video capture. Most likely in both cases you will have no errors. Maybe your new chipset will help too...
      My point is- this is a bug, because without any hardware changes you can work on the old Edius- 3.61 working completely perfect. And we reported this problem to GV since ver. 4.5. What I cannot understand is why we still have this bug in 4.6? Why instead of adding new camcorders support we do not have basic functions fixed?


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        Originally posted by tingsern View Post
        It could be caused by the way 4.5 and higher uses the h/w? - I don't know.
        I don't know either, but this is a reasonable guess since v4.5 introduced the Direct3D overlay method, so there were definitely changes to the way overlay is handled.


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          i am having the same problem even after reinstalling the entire system

          Originally posted by COMPLETE VIDEO IMAGE View Post
          I upgraded to Edius 4.6. I put three 500 gig SATA drives in, in a RAID-5. Constant crashing and not able to do a proper capture job. I then upgraded to RAID 10 with four 500 gig SATA drives. No change, still "disc too slow error message". After all this, now it cannot even see my NX2 card. Any suggestions? I've lost 4 days of work. Just a BIT frustrated. How much does Grass Valley pay to test their equipment?



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            It has nothing to do with software. It is the motherboard. Can you try swapping cards on your motherboard or disable (via Control Panel) the additional hardware you have and see if the problem goes away?
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              Destination Disc too SLOW

              I get this occasionally. I have found a simple fix that works every time for me, and now do this BEFORE capturing.

              SImply DEFRAG the destination drive. I have found that once I do that, I have absolutely no problems. I guess once I have moved my files from a previous job to the external HD, there are fragmented chunks everywhere. When the computer is trying to write the capture to the internal dedicated HD it can't keep up putting the info into all those "mail Boxes"- like sorting at the post office instead of a mass dump!

              ANyway, hope this may help you. It has for me.

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