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Disc Too Slow Error - Not Enough RAM?

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  • Disc Too Slow Error - Not Enough RAM?

    I've just updated to Edius 4.6 with Raid triple 500 - 32 bit sata drives and constantly have the "Disc Too Slow Error Message" coming up. Could this be a RAM problem? I believe I have twin 2.8 mgs of RAM.


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    Do you use Avast?
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      Disc Too Slow Error - Not Enough RAM?

      No I'm not using Avast. Correction: I have Twin - 1 gigs of RAM



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        GrassValley_BH 01-03-2008, 10:33 PM

        For all intents and purposes,
        "Disk too slow" really means
        "Something interrupted the capture process and we stopped before dropping a frame."
        and the second things about this thema is a sticky named:

        10 Things to Try if you get "Disk too Slow" .....

        friendly greetings from the "inhouse-librarian" ....... old Hans
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          OK, I finally got to see this "Disk To Slow" error for myself. This happened on one of my builds that was perfect for two years. Actually, I think it said "Destination Disk to Slow". Anyway, it had me stumped and crazy for hours. This was while I was onsite at my customers location. He wanted me to just give up and load it on a different system. But my tenacious nature could not let it go. Many hours later I succeeded.

          So, I am willing to give it a shot with those of you that are having this problem. However, I will need an extremely detailed description of your system specs right down to each component and the slots in which they are installed.

          If you are open to me also taking a look at your system through the OS, then download the free version and then provide me with the log in codes via a PM or email.

          I beat the culprit on one of my builds after only hearing about it from others. I figured, ah, they must be using uncertified components. Now I realize that may not be the case.
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            Try this on for size!!

            I upgraded to Edius 4.6. I put three 500 gig SATA drives in, in a RAID-5. Constant crashing and not able to do a proper capture job. I then upgraded to RAID 10 with four 500 gig SATA drives. No change, still "disc too slow error message". After all this, now it cannot even see my NX2 card. Any suggestions? I've lost 4 days of work. Just a BIT frustrated. How much does Grass Valley pay to test their equipment?



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              "disc too slow error message" is not disk related

              it maybe that a card such as firewire or raid is in a slot that shares with the NX card

              move your card to another slot and try again

              4.6 works great here, no problems at all other than a batch capture bug that I already reported to GV Australia
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                Perhaps we should get GV to change that "Disc too slow" message to something more meaningful for endusers - people who are just purely video editors and knows next to nothing about computers.
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                  Disc too slow error

                  I replaced the NX card. Still crashing in capture using RAID 10 and dividing clips in unappropriate places or capturing multi clips in a single clip. Then I captured 2 hours & 40 minutes on a single SATA external drive and only one extra clip cut in a 50 minute clip, with no crashes.

                  Since this problem really magnified when I switched to RAID 5 and upgraded to RAID 10. Is Edius not compatible with RAID Systems? Please advise.

                  My computer tech has been unsuccessful in getting a reply from tech support at Grass Valley for the last 3 days. What's the best way to get their attention?



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                    I would say that most of us that do any kind of HD are using some kind of RAID. In fact, I don't remember anyone having a problem with RAID and Edius before.

                    Calling Tech Support is usually the best way.


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                      I am using both SCSI RAID 5, RAID 0 and SATA RAID 0 in my workstation. The EDIUS working area is in either SCSI RAID 0 or SATA RAID 0. The RAID 5 are mostly programs and long term storage data plus Windows of course. NO problems whatsoever.
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                        I too cannot even capture a few frames of HDV using the HQ Codec. I've been able to capture native m2t fine, but I get the Destination Disc too slow error message about 2 seconds after starting starting capture using HQ.

                        Perhaps I'm not doing something right, as I just ventured into HDV land.

                        My system is a P4 3.0G hyperthread processor, 2 GIGS of memory and a G-Raid Raid 0 SATA array for the media. I have a Storm card installed, but I'm using OHCI to capture the HDV. Granted, I can capture m2t and then convert in the bin, but I'd prefer the one step process.

                        Also, my Canon records in 24P and there is no HDV 24P preset available that I can find in Edius when capturing m2t with OHCI, so I have not been able to use that mode.

                        Sony Vegas can capture both modes fine, however when I bring the 24P captured in Vegas to the Edius timeline, I get field order problems which manifest themselves as jerky motion, and Edius says they are upper field first, rather than progressive. Changing the designator to progressive does not help.

                        I'm not sure if I'm taxing my system with trying to capture in HQ or not. Anyone else using an "antiquated" (translation - more than 2 years old) system for HDV?

                        Downsampling HDV to standard def is another story for another time.



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                          Disk too slow issue closer to be solved...

                          Ok, as far as the "disk too slow" error goes, I don't believe it is related to compatibility issue of using RAID with EDIUS. It also has nothing to do with the actual data transfer rate of the drive(s). RAM is not an issue either.. but what I found out that is...

                          1) if you are using a Seagate Barracuda ES.2 7200rpm SATA2 drive with 32M cache.. on pretty much any Intel ICH controller, in single drive setup or RAID, Adaptec 2420SA controller.. or Promise SATA2 controller, you will get the "disk too slow" error during capture. I have done some data transfer test using HD test software and it shows that the ES.2 drive actually has a faster transfer rate than the older ES drive, which does not cause any disk too slow error. With this result, I speculate that compatibility issue between the new drive and HD controller is to blame.. I have emailed Seagate for further information and explanation and awaiting for their response.

                          2) if you have connected any USB device (memory card reader or even a printer that is turned on), the Disk too slow error message will also appear from time to time. This happens in EDIUS Pro v4.54. Network connection however, is ok.

                          If anyone else on here are using the newer Seagate drives with 32M cache (250GB, 500GB or 1TB ES.2), please let me know if you have the same issue.


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                            The fact is that there are plenty of people on the forum, who never had the "destination disc too slow" error, then they upgrade (all hardware remaing unchanged) when all of a sudden they get the error.
                            That sounds like a software issue to me.
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                              I too get the disc too slow message but only when I am batch capturing and have marked an in point too close to an error on the tape (pixelation not dropped frame, or too close to a pause point). Have been capturing 720 25P off a JVC 101 cam to HQ codec. I capture to a raid 1+0 with 4x 500 Gig Western Digital WD5000YS RE2's.

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