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unstable 4.6 :(

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  • Mr Bill
    4.6 is very stable

    Thanks Anton & Mike,

    I reloaded the SP driver again & even rolled back to an older version,
    same problem. (and made sure my temp folder was empty)
    Had enough and went back to 4.54...AHHHH now this version is having the same problem !!!

    Ok...relax...something really screwy is going on in my PC.
    I bit the bullet and backed up and formatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows and installed 4.6 again.

    Ahhhhh works perfect :)

    Happy but wasted many many hours.

    Glad to say 4.6 is very stable, my PC was to blame.

    (don't ask why, just one of those things,
    easier for me to format and start again then waste more time finding out why my system was unstable)

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  • GrassValley_MD
    That is where I was going to go with this... Try to reload the driver for the SP :)


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  • antonsvideo
    I wish I have an answer, all I can say is that it works superb here

    however, you may want to check the SP card driver version as seen in device manager, it should be 3.5

    you may also just reinstall the SP card driver and firmware

    be sure temp folder is empty prior to any installation

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  • Mr Bill
    started a topic unstable 4.6 :(

    unstable 4.6 :(

    Installed 4.6

    installation went well, very smooth.

    Start a new project, plays well, edits smooth, cool, great.

    Add a new sequence or change the project settings and BANG !
    It becomes unstable and the output through my SP card is jumping all over the place like 'Speedy Gonzales'
    and my cursor and playback on my PC monitor is affected as well.

    What the ?

    So I reinstalled 4.6 again. . . same problem

    So then I unistalled Edius all together and installed 4.10 from my installation CD
    Then installed 4.6 again, same problem.

    I'm going back to 4.54 as that was rock solid.

    Something is wrong with 4.6 for a few unlucky users :(