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  • antonsvideo
    2. if you have trouble with stills in Edius, you have a corrupt or missing QT player

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  • Andy
    started a topic couple of quick questions

    couple of quick questions

    1) I had a whole slew of clips imported from XDCAM via the XDCAM SELECT tool and now, long after import, I'd like to label them properly... how do I batch apply a new Reel Name to a selection of clips ?

    2) Maybe not so quick, but a bit of a puzzler ... one of my editors just showed me where a couple of stills in his sequence had mysteriously lost their image content, that is, the shape and size of the stills were still visible but the image itself was completely black, either in Source viewer or timeline! No filters or motion were applied, the clips were definately enabled. They still showed their thumbnail in the bin window. Anyhoo, I poked around but was unable to figure out what had happened although one of the clips did suddenly appear to fix itself, whereas others not only didn't recover but they also then lost their thumbnail image in the bin too so that the thumbnail was also black ... in the end we just reimported the stills.
    Anyone have any idea what might have been the cause of this. Does it ring any bells? I'm thinking maybe the still's display mode changed ... maybe displaying as alpha only or something similar ? Where would I look to enable / disable such a function ... is that even possible without applying a filter or using the Convert Alpha Matte function? and if so what would be the shortcut key that might have inadvertently toggled that mode ... so that I can warn my guys to steer clear of it, or at least be fore warned if it happens again.

    Thanks everyone