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    Originally posted by tingsern View Post
    StormDave, you forgot you can still use tape. Computer data tapes. Such as SDLT, LTO, etc, etc. Then you can archive data at 10X - 50X - 100X realtime - just dump the MXF format data (native for P2 cards) into the data tape drive. DVCAM archives at 1X realtime :-). Got it?

    You can get 800GB SDLT tapes (SDLT-4) already. That's native capacity (no compression yet). With compression - it is 1.6TB. But, video data don't compress that well. Think how many Blu-ray disks you need for that? Granted the cost of the drive is expensive ... up to US$5K, it is still much cheaper than the DVCPRO HD tape drives (US$25K).
    Expensive for me. I have Rev Pro, but that's only 35GB/$60 per tape...still not bad considering how durable they are.


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      Originally posted by antonsvideo View Post
      how do we know how long Blu Ray lasts before fading away like many DVD-R already did?

      I am also upgradig camera shortly, I am currently going for the Panasonic HPX-502 P2 or the Sony XDCAM PDWF330K

      I also worry about archiving and the XDCAM would make better sense since I would be able to put the source footage disk on the shelf for future use

      I will keep my DVCAM camera for backup, great camera
      Well Blu-ray should be better, but I have not tried it. I have had zero problems with DVD backup (DATA). I always use good brand DVD's and the only ones that lost data were really cheap ones I used back in 2000. Blu-ray has a coating layer on it, so it should be much better.

      XDCAM is Blu-ray but in a cartridge...I'm sure it's a bit better against scratches and dust.

      By the way, we are looking at the HPX500 (US) too, just the no Full HD support (AVC-Intra) and pixel shifted HVX-type CCD's put us on the sidelines for now...I guess we could always go with the HPX2000.

      I would go with the HPX502 (UK?) if I were you. 4:2:2 is a great deal in my opinion. XDCAM does have its upsides...uses less datarate (35mbps) and the media is only $30 per disk and you can archive and reuse these.


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        I thought about that, but then, knowing myself, I will stick with tape for awhile, I'm workaholic, I depended on capturing so I can get away from working and do other stuff, if I go to card, I will never stop working. (-:

        Originally posted by tingsern View Post

        Once you use P2 or SxS kind of file based video camera, you will NEVER EVER go back to tape based.

        a) Speed. You can immediately use the footage after capture into your NLE without wasting a second on capturing. Great for those ENG guys.

        b) Ruggedness. Tapes are inherently fragile. Ever seen a ball of tape curled around a capstan? You know what I am talking about. You can't use a tape based camera at -35 deg C. The capstan will freeze the tape to the metal. P2 cards - I have personally used my HVX202 at 4000m (twice already) ... at -25 deg C to -40 deg C (about there). No problems.

        c) Longer battery life. No motors to spin - (capstan needs motor. Read/Write heads need motor).
        I7-6900K, X99 Taichi, Geforce GTX 1070, Corsair RM850X, Corsair H100 IV2, Windows 10, Edius WG 9.30


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          O.K. you geeks.....I will take your answers as "I am not interested in a book".
          Well then, pulleese direct me to a place where I can read about settings and aspects, etc in HD. Both camera settings and Edius settings. I could just post a new question every hour or so but eventually even my bubbly personality would rub you raw.

          JoJo (the wiz)

          PS, I just spent six grand on hardware upgrades so I don't think muscle will slow
          things down


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            :) I love HowStuffWorks...
            When the first high-definition television (HDTV) sets hit the market in 1998, movie buffs, sports fans and tech aficionados got pretty excited, and for good reason. Ads for the sets hinted at a television paradise with superior resolution and digital


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              Originally posted by tingsern View Post
              Once you use P2 or SxS kind of file based video camera, you will NEVER EVER go back to tape based.
              I fully agree. Unfortunately I still have some DV material (not P2) to edit and my conclusion is - SD is a lot more complicated than HD ;-)