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Is this better than the Edius line?

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  • Is this better than the Edius line?

    I am curious about the cost. Does anyone have any info about the Aurora systems? Is it better than Edius?

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    Unless I missread, I don't see any support for DVCPro HD or P2 support.
    So it's still Edius Broadcast for me
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    EDIUS v5.51 Broadcast - Dual Xeon Supermicro X7DWA-N with E5450 3.0GHz CPU (8 cores)
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    Nvidia9800, 500G Raid (2x250) 1TB&500TB Ext Drives

    HPX 2000 AVC Intra, HVX 200, HPX 170, AG-AF 100, Canon D5 MKll.....MacBook G4 w/VMWare FCP Edius 6.2


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      Is Edius king of the hill or is Aurora king of the hill?

      Is Edius being used more than Aurora at the TV satations?

      I am hoping some of the moderators will have more info about this system. The GUI looks decent. It may be better than the Edius GUI.


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        Edius can do much more than Aurora. I can't remember that many details but I did talk to one of the guys showing it at NAB last year. It is a quick fast cutter. I was under the impression that Edius would supercede it at some point in the future, but don't have any official words to back that up.


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          They are two different product lines.

          EDIUS exists in a number of markets, including Broadcast and ENG, but Aurora is purely for broadcast (typically with automation systems, shared storage on K2, etc).

          Aurora is split into four components, covering the entire end-to-end process of video editing. What you're seeing, is references to Aurora Edit - this is the successor to the NewsEdit product originally from Grass Valley, and just one of the single components to the solution.

          In the future, the format support and realtime capabilities you see in EDIUS will work their way in the Aurora line. The EDIUS and Aurora line will continue to coexist. In other words, one will not be replacing the other.


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            Thanks for the info.