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Bin or Timeline clips become un-viewable

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  • Bin or Timeline clips become un-viewable

    Installed EPro4.5 a little while ago and have run into something weird. When I click on a bin clip to play/edit it in the preview window, nothing displays. Then, If I click back on the timeline to view clips aready established in the project, I can't view that either....but I can hear the audio. Or, if I double click on aclip in the timeline, the same thing occurs. I don't have any clip features (i.e. video or audio) turned off. If I close the project and re-open it, everything operates fine. Anyone have a clue/resolve? Thanks.

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    Sounds like maybe your video overlay is turning off.

    Check your screensaver settings and version of your video drivers.

    It might also help to change the overlay preview mode in the EDIUS Hardware Settings.


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      My video overlay "settings" in Edius are currently set as follows:

      Video Diplay type: DirectDraw Overlay (only other choice is direct 3D9)
      Update Period: Frame (only other setting is field)
      Overlay Refresh: grayed out - can't access - reads None.

      What do I look for, or change, in my screensaver settings.


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        Try changing your overlay to Direct3D.

        On the screensaver, what is the timeout set to? You can determine whether the screensaver is to blame by letting it kick in, then resume editing - if the overlay is gone, then the screensaver knocked it out, which was a problem with some old graphics driver versions... But that was a long time ago.