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Trying to export back to P2 card - write file problem (0x87020001)

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    Well - this is pretty frustrating. I tried it on my HVX200 & HPX2000 - same deal. Tried blank P2 cards, formatted P2 cards, USB cable into the computer front, rear, into a hub, etc. This is an Edius SP tower.

    Glad yours is working - I'm officially confused. I've been trying to export back 1080 60i footage from the same style timeline. Can you try that as well, and give more details to your machine?

    I'll try it on my laptop next...


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      I just tried it with a 1080i/60i project, no problems with that either.

      Do you have the latest P2 drivers (the ones that added Vista compatibility)?

      My PC is a home-built rig running Windows XP Professional SP2 + all updates from Windows Update -- I'm anal about updating my systems.


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        Great idea.

        I don't think it was the P2 drivers - I think I didn't have the specific camera drivers installed on the machine(s). I could read fine from the cards, but not write back (even though Edius could see the cards in the export window). I installed the drivers for the HPX2000 and I was able to write from both the laptop and my main machine. I assume this will take care of the HVX200 as well.

        This is apparently the cause, problem and fix.

        Thanks very much for the suggestions.


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          How are the camera drivers different from the P2 drivers? The P2 drivers provide support for USB connections to the cameras and P2 Store, as well as P2 cards mounted in PCMCIA/PCCard slots.


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            Not sure... All I know is that I tried the HPX2000 with my tower and my laptop and got that error message (but I could see the cards in the explorer window, and even Edius saw them in the export window).

            When I put the Panny disc that came with the camera in the machines, it installed the specific driver for the camera (and may have updated the P2 driver as well). All I know, is that it worked like a charm after that.

            I'll try to write back to the HVX200 now - I don't think that camera driver was installed either. That would confirm things.

            Thanks for your suggestions in this - wouldn't have gotten here without you.


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              When you run the P2 driver installation program, you get to pick from a list of devices that you wish to install drivers for. Among these are the various P2 cameras using USB connections, the P2 Store, the Panasonic multi-slot P2 card reader, as well as the drivers needed to allow PCMCIA/PCCard slots to access P2 media.

              My guess is that you installed some but not all of the drivers that you needed. Maybe you installed the HVX200 drivers months ago, and didn't install support for the HPX2000 thinking that the "hey, the P2 drivers are installed, this should work."

              The link in one of my previous responses is for the latest driver, which is likely more recent than what is on the CD you got with the camera.