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  • Edius 4.5 GUI

    The GUI windows should all resize together in <=v.4.5 right? When applying the updates for version 4.54 to a version 4.00 release I get the bug where the gui windows won't snap together and will only size individually (if you don't know what I mean by this - don't ask! - you know it when you see it)

    According to the 4.54 release notes the 4.54 update should update a 4.xx release, but this isn't apparently so in my case as I still get a problem with the GUI windows.

    According to the version history the GUI enhancement came with 4.5, so do the 4.54 or 4.6 upgrades contain all the neccessary code to update my GUI?

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    Sorry to reply to my own post but just maybe somebody has the same problem and wants to fix it.

    Windows only snap if your system is set to run 'Best Appearance' in my computer/properties/advanced/performace, anybody running a system tuned to run default 'Best Performance' in windows will experience windows in Edius that won't resize together.

    If you really want to disable all the bells and whistles and feel that your sys runs better without, then you can just choose a user defined setup and choose 'Show contents in windows when dragged' or whatever it is in an English windows :)


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      That's strange... My system is set for Best Performance and my windows size together.

      You're not holding down Shift or Control while dragging them, are you?


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        Best performance here and they work together.


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          Hmm, checked again, and my windows are not sizing together.


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            Cool! My system snaps without performance but won't when set for performance, only with 'update contents of windows while dragging' (or whatever it is in UK win) set, no problem, just a curious thing.

            It's a clean build of Xp with all the latest sevice packs, Nvidia FX1500 with latest driver, NX with expansion card on an XW8400 with only the necessary drivers and without all the extra HP software that HP like to stuff in on new machines.

            Must be something to do with Nvidia huh? would NOT be a first for such strange things, what card does Brandon have? I see pjsssss has an ATI card.
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              I have an NVIDIA card in my system.