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EDIUS v4.6 Update Now Available

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  • EDIUS v4.6 Update Now Available

    The latest update for EDIUS NLE software, version 4.6, is now available as a free download from

    This update includes several improvements and bug fixes, as well as all of the new features found in previous v4.5 updates.

    To download this update, log into the Web site and choose Product-related Downloads. From there, you should see either 'EDIUS Pro v4' or 'EDIUS Broadcast v4' from the list, depending on which program you registered. Choose the appropriate product.

    Scroll down to the 'Updates' section and the v4.6 update will be there.

    This release incorporates all previous releases of v4.5x, and is an updater only, which means that you need to have a previous version of EDIUS v4.xx installed. (ie. you cannot install this update on a fresh system)

    A full installer Disc Image (ISO) will be available soon.

    New features added in this release (from v4.54) - All Versions:
    • 1920x1080/23.97p project preset for Generic OHCI Output Profile
    • Some extra functions can now have mapped keyboard shortcuts
    • Support for consolidating MPEG Long-GOP clips
    • Support for insert edit when outputting to DV tape
    • Improved the speed of MPEG-2 segment encoding
    • Improved the seeking performance of native AVCHD clips

    New features added in this release (from v4.54) - EDIUS Broadcast only:
    • Support for import of native XDCAM EX format files
    • Support for XDCAM SAM (Simple Access Mode) – you can now edit with high-res audio preview while editing with metadata or proxy clips (on supported devices)
    • Support for bitlayering (virtual proxy) playback of native Infinity JPEG 2000 stream files – choose between three quality settings for smooth playback on lower-end edit systems
    • New Infinity Ingest utility for importing Infinity DMC/DMR content

    Issues fixed in this version (from v4.54):
    • Fixed issues when creating new presets after starting EDIUS
    • Fixed an issue that would cause errors when playing back MPEG TS files from SAN shared drives
    • Fixed an issue where the image preview within the Video Layout Tool would appear as solid grey when opening muted title track
    • Fixed an issue that caused the characters within clip names to overlap in the BIN window
    • Fixed an issue where the focus of BIN clips would sometimes move arbitrarily
    • Fixed an issue that would cause EDIUS to freeze when searching offline clips from recently used files
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in the IN point of a clip to be shifted when using Soft Slide-Left
    • Fixed an issue where a few frames of a clip would go missing when using Soft-Slide
    • Fixed an issue where if new presets were continuously created, EDIUS would crash
    • Fixed an issue that allowed the name of default style to be changed or deleted in Quick Titler
    • Fixed an issue that prevented support of AAF files created by Sony’s PDZ-1 software
    • Fixed an issue with Quick Titler where menu operations and associated shortcut keys had differing results
    • Fixed an issue where "select all files" was permitted in the Save dialog, with some of exporters
    • Fixed an issue that caused the timeline edit cursor to move when changing the timeline scale
    • Fixed an issue where the GXF Exporter could not output files from DV projects or NTSC D1 projects
    • Fixed an issue where clips registered to the Bin window with XDSelect would not have their waveform cache file created automatically
    • Fixed an issue that would cause EDIUS to crash if a file transfer within GXF Exporter was cancelled
    • Fixed an issue where AAF files exported between an In and Out point would result in the wave file's timecode becoming corrupted
    • Fixed an issue where capture would not start when selecting "Capture entire clip" in the "Restore offline clip" dialog box
    • Fixed an issue where button assignments that were changed for the timeline window were not saved
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in EDIUS not loading Motion-JPEG AVI files correctly
    • Fixed an issue with Canopus DVD Creator, where if a movie was added with the [Add File] button, the added file would be set to a 4:3 aspect ratio
    • Fixed an issue that caused EDIUS to become unresponsive after saving a project that included MPEG-4 clips
    • Fixed an issue with the K2Connect utility, where if a new file is downloaded after a project is exported with the GXF SpeedEncoder exporter, K2Connect would crash
    Click here to view the readme for EDIUS v4.6.

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    As promised, the full DVD disc image is now available to download.

    Note: This is a very large file download (2GB). It is not recommended that you download this file if you are using a dialup internet connection, or are otherwise restriced with your Internet usage. In these cases, you should download the separate EDIUS v4.6 update instead, and upgrade an existing installation of EDIUS v4.54 or earlier.

    The ISO has only just completed uploading to our file hosting service, and may take time to propogate fully. As such, download speeds may be slower than desired for such a large file. This will improve over the next few days.

    Oh and for those that use SFV file verification (for corrupt/incomplete downloads), the SFV file for this image is attached below.
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