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Storm and 4.5+ crash on Start up- Vol 2

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  • Storm and 4.5+ crash on Start up- Vol 2

    Following on from earlier problems, here is a summary.
    4.0* works 4.5+ does not crashes at startup screen

    Take a new XP install with latest Audigy2 and ATI 9800 Pro drivers. Ghost for testing. No other SW installed
    Install vers 4.0 - Storm O/P fine.
    Update to 4.54 + but not drivers - crash at startup screen.
    Update to 4.54 with drivers - crash at startup screen.
    Disable Storm and work via OHCI no problem.

    Enable Storm but this time start Edius by double clicking an existing project even a vers3 project - even just a frame of colour bars created in OHCI - this time the Start up screen is by-passed and Storm works fine. Of course if you click "new/project" the crash is induced but restarting Edius from a project folder bypassing the Start-up screen makes it possible to use.
    So it IS the Startup screen where the problems occur -with Storm not when Storm is disabled.
    I have not actually edited for any length of time to ascertain the overall stability but at least some pin pointing has been achieved.


    After a few hours of playing I finished up with crash when importing my dummy project and the only way to recover it was to disable Storm but it did work for 180 mins - sigh
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    Hmm, what happens if you disable the audigy instead, and run off the onboard audio?

    I did see in the build notes for the latest 4.6 build something about crashes going from the preset may help folks like yourself in this pickle. *fingers crossed*

    There will eventually also be a full installer disc ISO for 4.6 (a little while after release) which you can try - then there's no updates necessary on a fresh XP install...which might also be a possible trigger for mayhem.


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      How about disabling OHCI and enabling DVStorm, does it still crash?

      Canopus/GV: DVStorm2 w/component-out board, ADVC300, Edius 4.61, ProCoder 3.05, Imaginate2
      System: MSI B75A-G43 (v2.0), i7-3770K, 4GB, HD6850, Pyro1394 pci-e, 6 Disks 2.4TB non-raid, Win7-32bit, Dell 24" & 19" LCD