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Reducing "High gain" noise

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  • Reducing "High gain" noise

    Recently shot a wedding, Black tuxes, during a toast I accidently had the auto high gain switched on my Canon A-1 camera, (this is a no-no with this camera) the blacks show the most noise, so far I've tried the blur and soft focus, which helps a bit. any Ideas on a better fix...thanks. Gary

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    The "Median" filter in Edius does another form of noise reduction. I wish the developers had used a different name, but there you have it.

    Another option would be to process the video outside of Edius using Neat Video.


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      Thanks for the quick answer, I check it out today. Gary


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        motion blur filter at 30-40% will kill all your noise
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          Make a copy of the noisey clip > place it on the timeline above the original > use a combination of the Region Filter and Picture in Picture on the copy clip and slightly shift the copy clip. Use the Region Filter controls with a heavy feather and adjust to taste. By masking off the important sections of the shot subject you can more aggressively attack the background with adjustments to blend/blur/darken the offensive noise.

          You can also adjust the opacity of the Copied Clip to taste. The Region Filter is a great tool for so many effects as you can make the choice of where the applied filters have an effect. Just wish we had more options on the shape of the Region - currently justa a rectangle or oval - if we had the ability to draw he region it would be awesome.


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            Thanks guys, "neat video" looks impressive, what do you need to make it work as a stand alone, cuz I see it's a plug in but not for Edius. Gary ps will try all options. Thanks again. Gary


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              You could use White Balance, limiting the Luminance range to the lower ranges, and "squash" the levels down.

              Or you could use the Chrominance filter and target specific problem colors (and also limit the luminance range again) to "squash" the levels down (or even tint them).


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                Will try Brandon, got a wedding today, gota run...Thanks again all...Gary


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                  just got in from my wedding, thanks Andrew, I'll check it out in the morning. Gary