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Edius 4..0.0.20 and P2 AG-HPG10 Editing

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  • GrassValley_BH
    Sounds like it's one or more of...
    • Hard drive going bad (which would normally "stall" the system more and more as it gets worse)
    • Hard drive BADLY fragmented
    • Bad/flakey USB port or cable
    • Cooling problem - CPU fan clogged/jammed or perhaps heatsink has become separated from CPU.

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  • GrassValley_KH
    I wouldn't necessarily point the finger at the EDIUS version in this case, since both machines are running the same version and one works fine.

    Are you editing directly off the P2 card? What happens if you unplug all the external devices - does EDIUS start becoming more responsive?

    Sounds to me like it could be crook hardware...

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  • muleferg
    I would try removing and reloading the software. or updating to 4.5.

    Are you guys shooting with the HPX2000?

    Mule Ferguson
    Edius Broadcast 4.54

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  • billgWALB
    Guest started a topic Edius 4..0.0.20 and P2 AG-HPG10 Editing

    Edius 4..0.0.20 and P2 AG-HPG10 Editing

    We have two stand alone systems in our trucks that are running Edius:
    PC: Dell Latitude D820 T2500
    2Ghz with 2 gig of ram
    XP Serv Pack2
    Video Source: Panasonic P2 AG-HPG10
    Editing at 480i/60i
    P2 is hooked up feeding USB to Laptop
    Firewire from laptop is feeding Canopus ADVC unit
    P2 is also feeding component to ADVC for direct feed of clips for non editing use.

    Issue: One system seems fine, the other system has SERIOUS latency issues with the software "not responding" at each mouse click, or command that you attempt. Rebooting sometimes would remedy it.

    Any thoughts on possible driver issues? System software issues? Panasonic P2 issue?

    Thanks in advance.