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Edius SP on Windows XP 64-bit

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  • Edius SP on Windows XP 64-bit

    Could't find any info. on EDIUS SP spec. Will it run on a Windows XP 64-bit system?


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    No it does not, currently


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      The EDIUS software itself is not supported in, but seems to run in, Windows XP 64-bit.

      None of the EDIUS hardware, however, has 64-bit drivers as of yet, so the hardware won't work in 64-bit Windows.

      IMHO having run 64-bit XP at home, I found no good reason to run 64-bit Windows right now, unless you're running a server, in which case you shouldn't be editing on it anyway.

      A common misconception is that 64-bit Windows will make your system run faster. The best I've seen is that Windows runs a little better if you have 4GB of RAM or more (because 64-bit Windows can take advantage of >4GB, and takes better advantage of >2GB).

      Beyond that, the lack of 64-bit hardware drivers from even large mainstream manufacturers really puts a damper on running 64-bit Windows as a primary platform.

      In fact, on my XP 64-bit install, I ended up installing Virtual Server with a 32-bit XP installation for compatibility with VPN, network USB devices...


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        64 Bit Edius

        Is 64 bit Edius Software and Hardware Drivers in the pipeline? When can we expect the BETA?


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          Read this regarding Vista 64