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No Audio with QT clip?

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  • No Audio with QT clip?

    Hi All,

    I have a QT clip that when I bring it in to the time line, the audio does not come with. Try as I might, I've got nothing. Yet, from within QT player, everything is fine. Any ideas or workarounds?



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    Okay, so this is getting frustrating. I am dragging the QT clip to a VA track, but there is no audio at all on the timeline. The only thing I'm thinking to get by this is to maybe convert to an AVI with QTPRO? I don't own it though so I don't know if that will work...



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      Sounds like the audio is in a format that Edius is not fond of. Conversion to .avi is always a better option.

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        EDIUS only accepts PCM wave audio from a QT clip. Now, pretty much NO QT clip uses PCM wave (nowadays it's AAC), so I would suggest you open up the QT player, export the audio out separately as a WAV file, and then import that file into EDIUS, locking it to the video.

        Or you can rerender the entire clip out from QT player, as Rusty suggested.


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          Have had similar problem and rendered clip out of Procoder Express (stand alone) into Edius format to get around problem.
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