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Broadcast Delivery format ?

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  • Broadcast Delivery format ?

    Hi all..
    I have been assigned to do some music videos...
    I have planned to do them in 1440x1080 ( HDV )
    But what I wonder, what is considered to be broadcast delivery format..
    I know the vectorscope and black and white balance...
    I mostly wonder about timecode, what should it start att in Edius NLE......
    I think I have to burn HDV on a regular DVD disc, is that ok or ?
    Can I burn timecode on a dvd disc...?
    A lot of questions, but I hope somebody could explain !!
    A computer with a lot of stuff in it :)

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    The best way to be accurate is ask the station where your material is going to for their "technical bible"
    The BBC one is a good guide.

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      You should contact the station or agency that is going to air this material. They will no doubt have a submission guideline memo for you to adhere to.
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        Ok, I wrote them a mail, I will see what they say...
        A computer with a lot of stuff in it :)