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Thanks to you all....... please read ! ! !

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  • Thanks to you all....... please read ! ! !

    I know this is an unusual post, and I hope it's allowed to stay on the forum. I logged on 2 minutes ago just to post this thanks to everyone who contributed so many items of advise, and consulted so expertly with me on the building of my new EDIUS editing computer. The new FX 1500 is in, and this solved the meriad of problems I was facing, and it's now operating like a smooth race car. Although I have a day or so setting up EDIUS the way I like to use it, even in it's present configuration, EDIUS 4.5 is lightening fast and delightful.

    Pat, George, Barry, Kenneally, Mike D., Dave, Jim, Anton, Brandon.....and the rest of you guys.....

    ......I would not have assembled as fine a machine had it not been for all you who advised me along the way. Believe me, when I say "thanks alot" - I mean A LOT!

    Have a terrific weekend....
    Cheers to you all...
    Alan J. Levi

    SYSTEM: ASUS P8Z77-VPro mobo, Intel 3770K CPU, 16 Gig Crucial 1866 RAM, Antec 1000W PS, EVGA nVidia 560Ti 1Gig Video, CoolerMaster CPU cooler, LG GGW-H20L BluRay DVD, SPARK card w/23" Samsung 1920x1080 Monitor, OCZ 240GB SSD boot in Swapable Tray & 3 WD Enterprise 1TB video RAID 5 HDD's. 4.5TB RAID 1 Outboard backups, Behringer2000 Audio Fader/Controller

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    Congratulations! Alan it was a pleasure speeaking with you and I am glad that you are happy with your new system. I have been building these for a long, long time and it's refreshing to find a do it your selfer that can appreciate the advice from us system builders of using top quality components to acheive reliable & stable performance systems. Sure some corners can be cut and a few bucks saved by using other lesser cost components, but when your in the business of building and supporting 100's of systems, only the best will do!

    Have fun editing!
    George Dame
    Grass Valley / Canopus System Integrator - Nearly 13 Years
    Providing Systems, Onsite Delivery, Support & Training Services Nationwide
    Get Your Copy of The Edius 6 Comprehensive Tutorial by contacting me via PM, email or phone
    Invite us to your local video association for a full demonstration! - 1-877-ieditDV


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      Glad to be of help Alan
      It is a pity the initial mistake was so costly but when you step out in front these things quite often crop up.
      My 8800 has found its way into my grandsons Gaming computer, I am at the top of his Christmas list at the moment, the envy of all his mates
      Regards Barry
      Win 10HP, EDIUS WG9.4, HD Spark, Boris RED 5, VMW6, Authorworks 6, Bluff Titler, VisTitler 2.8, NEAT 3/4, Mercalli 2/4, Vitascene, Izotope RX6 Plugin, NewBlue, Trend Micro AV
      GB GA-X58A-UD3R MB, i7 [email protected], 12G 1600mhz Mem, Samsung EVO-250G SSD, 3x2T RAID, GTX 970W OC, 2x24 inch LG Monitors
      Canon XH-A1/ Canon HF-G30, GoPro Hero3 Black, Edit @1920 50p HQ preset
      Laptop ASUS G752VT-GC060T Win 10HP, Edius WG8.53 Samsung M2 SSD 256G+1Tb HD,


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        AJ you are a good man and I am always more than happy to help :)



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          I'm not sure how I helped aside from moral support, but I'm very glad you're up and running!

          You are a kind and honest fella - you deserve to be up and running! Can't wait to see what projects you tackle with the new rig!


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            Originally posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
            Can't wait to see what projects you tackle with the new rig!

            The Mike Downey Story... Inspiring and yet quite LARGE! :)