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Edius 3.01 and Vista

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  • Edius 3.01 and Vista

    I'm "using" edius 3.01 (well, I'm still a newbie), and I acquired some old Video 8 tapes with a pinnacle pctv card.
    When I try to apply a filter, thou (the median) and clic on "rendering", edius starts to render the mods, but when the process reaches 100%, the program crashes: vista says there's an error and shuts down edius.

    What can I do? Maybe my version is not vista compatible?

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    Edius 3 was made well before Vista was developed, so that won't work

    Edius 5 will be Vista compatible

    anything else will be Russian roulette
    Anton Strauss
    Antons Video Productions - Sydney

    EDIUS X WG with BM Mini Monitor 4k and BM Mini Recorder, Gigabyte X299 UD4 Pro, Intel Core i9 9960X 16 Core, 32 Threads @ 4.3Ghz, Corsair Water Cooling, Gigabyte RTX-2070 Super 3X 8GB Video Card, Samsung 860 Pro 512GB SSD for System, 8TB Samsung Raid0 SSD for Video, 2 Pioneer BDR-209 Blu-ray/DVD burners, Hotswap Bay for 3.5" Sata and 2.5" SSD, Phanteks Enthoo Pro XL Tower, Corsair 32GB DDR4 Ram, Win10 Pro


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      The only vista compatible is version 5 than?


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        More or less. While there has been no annoucement regarding the next major release of EDIUS, the plan is for it to support Windows Vista.


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          Do you mean that a version that ufficially supports vista has still to come...?


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            EDIUS Neo is currently available and is compatible with Windows Vista.

            EDIUS Pro and EDIUS Broadcast are not compatible as of the current version (4.54-4.6).


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              I guess you're referring to the hardware/drivers end of it. I just installed Edius 4.54 on my son's laptop (core2duo 2.4, 2 gig ram) and it runs better, in terms of speed, than my desktop running Edius! He has no interest in it but I wanted to see for future reference if this was is.

              I've really been surprised at how fast it runs on Vista. It also seems that Pro Coder works but I do see some flukiness with 3D PIP. You can use 3D PIP but it seems like you get one shot at it. After you've made whatever tweaks you want and leave it, you can't get back in to the 3D PIP settings. The info palette doesn't show it anymore, but the initial adjustments are there.
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