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  • New to HD. Help!!!

    Just posted under the Canon HV20 thread and thought I'd expand. In SD I always captured through my Storm and have not used the Edius capture so I'm not sure of the settings. I'm in PAL land and set generic OHCI with HDV 1080/50i, frame HD, frame rate PAL with the Canopus HQ AVI exporter. This worked partially but the computer couldn't keep up with the camera so I guess I need some more grunt as it captured perfectly on my wifes core 2 duo laptop. How do I name the file? By default it captured as Cap 052_000.avi, can I capture a m2t file direct and if so how? What little I did capture I exported and burnt as I've done before, was amazed at the picture quality compared to my old Panasonic AG-DVC30, can't wait to get this HV20 up and running.

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    That's a great little camera. Unbelievable video for it's size. Look under your capture settings. (I don't know your Edius version), You can capture the m2t files but you wil need a lot of hard drive space. There is also an option for Confirming File Name and you can check before or after capture that will allow you to name the file and select where to save it.


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      Thanks. I had worked it out. I had always captured using Storm video and named the first capture there. I had never used the save button in Edius, feel a right idiot!!! My only defence is I can't find my manual and couldn't look it up.