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    It sounds like you just rendered the transitions.

    It couldn't have exported a 30 min file.

    Are you working in HD, HDV or DV? You may experience (something like) 4x RT export with DV and 1x with HDV.

    Maybe Edius does NTSC better in PAL land! :/
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      Make sure you didn't render a very short IN/Out


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        Originally posted by pjsssss
        Make sure you didn't render a very short IN/Out
        I've done that--Wow! That was quick! Oh... darn it!
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          Canopus HQ is a variable bit rate codec, so you can set your own settings :)

          The higher you go the better the quality, but obviously the data rate will go up...and either way most people will not notice the difference between "Online" and a higher rate setting.


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            That's why I said "most people" :)

            The editor (or videophile) will see a difference, but not the average person.