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Is Edius already Quad-Core optimised?

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    Maybe I should change my title to "Demystifier" :)


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      Maybe Mr. Obscure Analogy Man, or Mr Where the heck did he come up with that analogy, or simply Mr. Parable


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        Look at my signature…

        I have been using this setup for my second edit station since last November.
        The system is running smoothly, I have never seen it loaded more then 50%.
        On of the benefits of all that cpu power, is that I can run more programs at the same time, without overloading the system.

        Most of the time, I can se activity evenly spread over all 8 cores..

        On my other system, 3,0ghz dualcore with 3gb ram, I always run out of cpu power when running more programs at the same time, making everything very slow.

        I will go for quad cores. If the programs are not using all the cores at present time, they will in the future.


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          I have just built a new system and used the 2.4 GHz Q6600 Quad chip.
          As it is a classic overbuilt chip I overclocked it to run at 3.2 GHz no problems.

          Rendering speed is amazing and it maxes out all 4 cores when doing so.
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            ~QUAD IS UPON US~

            I understand all of the posts above but, the Microprocessor suppliers are going in the direction of creating multiple Core Processors rather than create much faster CPU's.

            This year there are going to be Quad core Processors in Laptops.

            I am very happy with the performance of Edius its amazing. So my next statement has nothing to do right now with Edius.

            I wish MicroSoft and Apple and Software Developers take notice and do the best Job they could to support Quad and Dual Processors in the future. Since it really is the only way to make things run faster. Its Funny that Apple has an 8 Core machine and Most of its software does not use the system properly. Some programs like H264 Encoding Barely touch the Processors while others take advantage of it.

            Its mainly the fault of MS and Apple and they need to do a better job creating tools for Developers to harness the Extra CPUS.

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