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  • best quality stills

    I produced a film with lots of old stills and footage shot 720p/24p. I have them in a HD project. The quality of the images are just not sharp. The originals are sharp. I have tried different DPI from 72 to 400 and cannot tell a difference. Any suggestions on how to improve quality

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    You'll want to scan the originals with an end-resolution to fit 1280x720 without scaling. Any down or up-scaling will cause the image to look less sharp.


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      The files were provided as digital files, 400dpi 4940x 3335. I brought an image into photoshop and resized at 72dpi and resized to 1280x864. There was no noticable quality difference from the timeline/monitor. Did I do this wrong?


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        Resizing in Photoshop tends to do pretty well. What you'll want to make sure of is that EDIUS isn't resizing the image. If the resolution is 1280x864, and you're in a 1280x720 project, then EDIUS will scale the image down to fit into 1280x720, which will cause some degradation.

        In Photoshop, locking aspect ratio, resize down so the height is <= 720 and the width is <= 1280.