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  • Bluetongue
    The Best I can think of is to set the camera up to where you want to start capturing
    In Edius go to settings, Application, Deck settings
    Under Automatically divide files select, At timecode break, and When recorded time data changes
    Select Capture and correct settings and during capture the tape will be broken up into the clips as recorded.
    When finished go to the Bin, right click the clips you do not want and select Delete file. If there are many clips use the control key to multiple select each individual clip, the right click the last one, select Delete file and you only have the ones you want and the others have been removed from the hard drive
    Hope tis helps, best solution I can think of
    Regards Barry

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  • deebee69
    started a topic batch capturing

    batch capturing

    Silly question really ...but
    I have just captured some SD footage from a tape by batch logging all the clips from the last half of a tape.
    Unfortunately the first half of the tape with some old footage on it was not required but had the same timecode on it .
    So when I clicked the button to batch capture it went off and captured the wrong and earlier footage .Does anyone know of a way around this when batch capturing.
    Thanks in advance