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Slow motion don´t work well on Edius 4.54

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  • Slow motion don´t work well on Edius 4.54

    Hi everybody!

    I try to do a slowmotion on a recently captured AVI clip at 80%... 90%... and it looks horrible. The flicker that shows in the paning movements are terrible.

    I try to capture analog video instead DV, and the same problem.
    I try with two capture cards: Edius DVX and ACEDVio. In both with the same problem.

    I try to change everything in the Speed settings, even I change the order field from Bottom/Lower to Top/Upper... to Progressive and nothing.

    I don´t know what happens here. I try two different PC and nothing changes.
    The only thing that I see is when capture video (analog or digital are the same). I see a little blending on the image, mostly in the panning shots.

    If someone could help me with that, I will be very grateful.

    Sorry for my english, isn´t very good.

    Material: PAL video format.
    Settings: (DVX and ACEDVIO): 720x576 50i 4:3 48Khz.
    Camera: Panasonic MD-10000.
    Edius: 4.54

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    I noticed the same thing this week working on a project. It almost looks like the slo-mo filter has a field order reversal problem. I have not tried it (but I will this weekend) setting the properties of the clip to a reverse field order from what the default says it is - in my case lower field first, and see what happens. I doubt if that would help, though.

    Slo-mo looked great in the early versions of EDIUS.



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      Thanks for your reply. I agree: the Slow Motion in previous versions of Edius was great!
      I don´t know what happens now. Maybe it´s a bug.

      If someone of the Canopus Support Team read this maybe know how to fix it.

      See you.


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        Try the nearest neigbor setting.
        enable it and it will look good.
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          Originally posted by SRsupport View Post
          Try the nearest neigbor setting.
          enable it and it will look good.
          I do it. =( I do it with all the thre combinations and the image looks worse or equal.

          But thanks for the quick answer.


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            I have tried every combination as well with no usable results. Nearest Neighbor made no difference, and trying that in combination with the other settings makes no difference in the quality.

            If it comes into play, I'm on NTSC and using a Storm 2 card, not OHCI.


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              Same here with pal and yes it don't look good at all.


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                Originally posted by robsegaar View Post

                Same here with pal and yes it don't look good at all.
                Have you guys tried AE CS3 slowmo? It looks good to me.
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                  NTSC DV looks ok here with the anti-flicker filter at 100%.