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  • GrassValley_BH
    i made a test last summer in the canopus forum with circa. 80 VST plug-ins in Edius 2.51. There was only one brand of VST plugs who did not appear in the list resp. could not open in Edius, that was the WAVES 4.0 with the L2 Ultramaximizer.

    here the list of the favorits:

    Voxengo GlissEq Vst, essential stuff at this site,
    probably the best pro plugs available today for a fair price.

    T-RackS® Plug-in Analog Modeled Mastering Plug-Ins,
    very good EQ, compressor, limiter. This is my personal favorite.

    PSP Vintage Warmer, excellent maximizer! good prices.

    TLAudio EQ, warm EQ.

    Ohmforce PlugIns, far out stuff!

    GRM Tools Classics, special purpose VST's

    this are VST .dll which can be copied from WaveLab direct to Edius plug folder:
    Noise Gate.dll
    Peak Master.dll

    just ask questions, i'm a audio engineer...

    this is the VST thread from last summer:
    Normalisation with VST plug-in is by pricipe not available. Normalisation is a offline render process. That means the WAV file gets processed that the loudest peak is 0.0 dBFs.
    The process to achieve more loudness with a VST Plug-In is Dynamics (Compressor/Limiter), sometimes called maximizing.

    Free plugs for maximizing in professional quality are:

    Classic Compressor by Kjaerhus

    Compressor Limiter Gate by mda

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    List of essential VST Plug-In types for Videowork (bold)

    Deesser to lower S in speech or voiceover.
    Dynamics (Compressor/Limiter) rise loudness, make dynamics compact.
    Limiter prevent clipping
    EQ to correct audio spectrum with eq filter.
    Exciter/Enhancer to artifically add upper range spectrum to dull sound.
    Mastering combi effect all in one (Eq/Compressor/Limiter).
    Noise Removal/Restoration
    Spectral Processor same as exciter/enhancer

    other VST plug-in types:
    Analyser Monitor
    Lo Fi
    Modulation (Flanger/Phaser/Chorus/ Tremelo)
    Multi FX
    Pitch Shifter
    Ring Modulator
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Here is a huge list of avalable VST Plug-Ins, many are free:


    Quick Search: query
    Dynamics(Compressor/Limiter) (for example)
    VST All
    __________________________________________________ _

    Note: VSTi (VST instruments) do no work with Edius. The VSTi are musical instruments made to use with sequencing software
    Version 2.51 does not work well VST plug-ins.
    I did test the VST plug-in back then with version 2.5 and 2.51. The progaming of the VST engine in Edius was not finished. The graphic of the opened plug-ins crashes and the program stands still.

    I can not tell you more, since i have not upgraded to v3.22 yet. I still use v2.51.
    Till Edius is capable for handling 24p and 23.976p, i have to use a other video application.

    I prepare all audio for video in WaveLab5 or Nuendo and re-import the fixed audio to the video applications.

    But sure, the fixing of audio in the video application itself is the future.

    WaveLab Lite: if you find the mentioned .dll in the folder you can copy them. Don't worry, if one dll is not compatible nothing will happen.

    In general VST .dll can be copied from other applications.
    The dll is the program. If they work, they appear in the list otherwise not, or a error message comes during start, nothing more.
    removing ambience is not possible. In case you wanna try anyhow, use a gate who closes on the reverb/ambience tail.

    One of the best pump up the volume VST plug-in is:
    L2 Ultramaximizer
    L3 Ultramaximizer or
    L3 Ultramaximizer
    from WAVES
    The advantage of this one is, it can look ahead in the data so no clipping can occour in case a strong peak is ahead.

    a cheaper alternative is the Vintage Warmer mentioned above or any Compressor/Limiter
    ...all from Angelo

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  • pjsssss
    I don't know if anyone kept a copy of it, but the old forum had a thread where people posted VST plugins that were confirmed working in Edius. Sorry, but I don't have it. Anyone?

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  • BillBarrett
    Does Edius crash with these VSTs? When I started using Edius, I had maybe 20 VSTs and it would crash frequently. The Canopus fix was to remove all the VSTs, including SoundSoap. It never crashed after that. I have tried SoundSoap alone, even the 2.1 full version, and the preview skips and stutters badly and eventually crashes. It also crashed just having the VSTs in the Edius folder, not being used in the project. I'd love to find some VSTs that are not guarenteed to take Edius down. I currently take the audio out to Vegas, fix it up and bring it back to Edius.

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  • Zorro
    Some decent VST plugins:

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  • biopic
    I would strongly recommend the Sony/Sound Forge noise reduction plug-in, or the similar one that is bundled with Adobe Audition. Unfortunately neither of these will work directly in Edius, so you will have to process your sound off-line. Don't expect perfect results in your particular case, as the sound of breaking waves is effectively white noise. Also be prepared to experiment: several passes with say 10 dB reduction each time may give better results than one pass at 30 dB.

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  • pjsssss
    Adorage is a series of transitions. Some good, some not so good.

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  • Sheeba
    Well...thanks all.

    My registered soundsoap is now in Edius VST folder. It's a wonderful day. It's funny it was not installed in the "turnkey" workstation and my dealer didn't tell me about it. Now I have to go find out what adorage is.

    Regards, Sheeba

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  • GrassValley_KH
    Yep, you need to install the Powerup disc's software to get the Soundsoap plug-in. You might also have to register the plug-in to get it working.

    From there, you'll find the Soundsoap plug-in under the VST folder in the 'Audio Filters' section of the Effect Palette.

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  • Sheeba
    I did a file search and found no files named adorage or soundsoap.

    Regards, Sheeba

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  • Sheeba
    Okay. I have the Edius Power up kit disc. It has Adorage and Soundsoap on it. They are checked. I'm assuming this means I have soundsoap but it was never installed?

    Regards, Sheeba

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  • GrassValley_KH
    Originally posted by Zorro View Post
    Edius Pro 4 comes with the SoundSoap plugin.

    Before version 4 came out Canopus had a bundle with Soundsoap and Adorage effects called Edius Power Up Kit. Maybe some dealers still have it in stock?
    Yep, that's why I was asking when the unit was purchased - if I can get a month, it might fall into the Power Up bundle promo period.

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  • Zorro
    Originally posted by Sheeba View Post
    I have an Edius Flex-i workstation...with Edius pro3 installed. It does not appear to have soundsoap.
    Regards Sheeba
    Edius Pro 4 comes with the SoundSoap plugin.

    Before version 4 came out Canopus had a bundle with Soundsoap and Adorage effects called Edius Power Up Kit. Maybe some dealers still have it in stock?

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  • Sheeba
    My flex-i isn't hooked to internet.

    I'm okay with buying soundsoap 2 if it's no problem installing and using inside edius. Many times I have audio that needs cleaning up.

    Regards, Sheeba

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  • THoff
    You don't need a special Edius version, SoundSoap will plug into any VST host, of which Edius is one.

    VST is short for Virtual Studio Technology, and defines an interface that programmers can use to extend the functionality of the host application (Edius in this case). There are hundreds if not thousands of such plugins, many of them free.

    Installing a VST plugin so it can be used from within Edius is trivial -- it is merely a matter of copying the plugin file into the Plugin\VST directory of Edius.

    I was going to suggest downloading the trial version of SoundSoap, but when I looked for the URL so I could paste it into this reply, I noticed that BIAS no longer offers it. I'm not sure why that is, since the product has not been discontinued -- maybe someone found a way to generate serial numbers for it so that the time-limted trial can be converted into a fully functional version, I don't know.

    If you can post a short sample of the problematic material (preferably just the audio in WAV format), I'll be more than happy to take a swing at it with SoundSoap to see how well it cleans up. If you do that, see if you can include a few seconds of audio with just background noise.

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  • Sheeba
    I bought it about a year and a half ago, ...just before grass valley.

    I understand it's not available anymore.

    Regards, Sheeba

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