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Batch capture in Edius 4.5

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  • Batch capture in Edius 4.5

    I've been using Edius for video editing for years, but recently I realized that i cannot restore offline clip with batch capture.

    I really need it for backup reason, so I won't need to backup the clip, just backup the project file only like when I'm using P***** software at the old days. Later, when I need to revise the project, just copy the project to the hard drive, open it, then capture all the offline clip automatically, because all the timecode data is automatically stored when i'm capturing at first time.

    but not with edius.

    Then I tried to batch capture from the beginning, but to capture a clip from beginning to the end of the tape, i have to set in mark at the beginning, then fast forward to the end, then put set out mark, open the batch capture list, then batch capture the tape (rewind again.. sigh.)

    Do you have any suggestions or solution for this? i would really appreciate, because i have backuped all my project and won't able to re-capture them again..

    Thank you.

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    Did you use reel names?
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      Yes, give the missing clips a reel name and then you should be able to restore from the source.


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        problem solved Thanks..

        Wow never thought of that. Thank you..

        but I had another problem, I cannot relink the offline media, although it is the same clip with same file name & duration. How can I relink it?


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          is the relink option grayed out? or you can't find it?
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